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Ceremony flowers for religious or civil ceremonies

The wedding flowers you choose for the ceremony itself can be hugely diverse, and you can find some examples in the wedding ceremony flowers section of our gallery.  There are so many factors influencing your choice, not least the venue itself.  Is it a church wedding, a civil ceremony in a town hall or hotel, a beach wedding, or in the grounds of a stately home….the list goes on and on!  To a degree the venue will drastically impact on your decision, although your own personal style and creative streak will need to shine through too.

Ceremony flowers for a church/religious ceremony

There are many types of wedding flowers you can choose to make your religious wedding ceremony beautiful and memorable for everyone. As guests arrive at the church they could be greeted by a beautiful display, either outside the entrance to the church, or just inside. This could take the form of large urns either side of the church entrance, or a floral arch over the doorway through which the guests would proceed. This would obviously add considerably to your wedding flowers’ budget, but if you can afford it, it is a lovely touch. Large blooms are obviously better than small ones, as you will want the display to be visible to your guests as they proceed towards the church entrance.

Inside the church, another nice touch is to have flowers at the end of each pew, or on the backs of chairs. These can be very simple, such as one or two simple blooms, tied with trailing ribbon or ivy, or, if you have a bigger budget for your wedding flowers, you could opt for more elaborate arrangements like those shown here. A way to save some money is to have your floral decorations at the end of alternate pews, rather than every pew. Whatever you opt for, however simple or elaborate, fresh flowers can really soften the cold, hard interior of a church building.  

Another popular choice is to have flowers at the alter to soften and brighten the business end of the church. To create a good impression, and to ensure they can be appreciated from the back of the church too, these would need to be fairly large. Blooms like chrysanthemums are ideal, particularly in bright colours – if that works with the theme of the rest of your wedding flowers.  

During the busy summer months in particular it is quite likely that other couples are getting married in the same church at different times on your wedding day.  If this is the case, you may wish to find out whether they would like to share the cost of the church flower displays.  Obviously, this will depend on the colour schemes chosen by all couples, but it is definitely worth checking as one way of reducing costs a little.

Ceremony flowers for a civil ceremony

Civil ceremonies taking place in an official building, such as a town hall register office, can benefit from the introduction of some wedding flowers too.  However, there may be more restrictions here.  For example, it is unlikely that you would be granted permission to have flower displays outside the building, but you will probably be allowed place prepared displays in the room where the ceremony is to be conducted.  Obviously, you will need to check with the relevant officials what their rules are in this regard.  Your florist may be able to make some easily portale displays, like the one here, which can be put in place prior to the ceremony and then re-used at the reception afterwards.

Civil ceremonies taking place in alternative venues licensed to conduct marriages, such as country houses or hotels, can give you a great deal of flexibility. Often, the reception is held in the same venue, giving a very relaxed and flowing feel to the day. The possibilities for your wedding flowers in such a venue are virtually limitless. Whether in a marquee, within the hotel, country house, castle, or some other venue, you have a wonderful blank canvas to play with as far as your wedding flowers are concerned. Let your imagination loose and create a visual masterpiece.

Ceremony flowers for outdoor weddings

An outdoor ceremony can be a risky choice, depending on the climate.  If you are opting for a beach wedding in a warm climate, you may wish to create a floral arbour to show the spot where the actual ceremony will take place. This could be a floral arch or a pair of large urns of flowers that you and your partner woud stand between to make your vows. In the example on the right an aisle is created by two rows of mini “trees” leading down towards the ocean where there is an arch topped with an abundance of white flowers. The arch is right at the water’s edge, making this an incredible place to exchange wedding vows.

Of course, if the ceremony is going to be in the grounds of a stately home or historical building, there is always the risk of the weather no playing ball. However, a wedding set up of a beautifully manicured lawn has a quintessential Englishness about it, so a few drops of rain would struggle to ruin things. There may be a bandstand or arbour within the grounds that could take the place of the alter, and which you could dress with flowers and leaves. In the example shown to the left an aisle has been recreated using a long white carpet, strewn with rose petals and lined with pillars of white flowers. The carpet leads through a white arch, decorated with a garland of leaves and flowers, to a table set at the front where the marriage ceremony will take place. It is very simple, but really beautiful.

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