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If you are planning your wedding, you will find things have changed a lot. A bride-to-be used to have very limited sources to draw on to help her plan her big day. There was obviously the odd wedding magazine to consult, but mainly it was a case of recalling the details of weddings you had either been to, seen in films or on TV, and discussing ideas with your mother, sisters (if you were lucky enough to have any) and best friend (if you were lucky enough to have one)! A large percentage of women would then end up plumping for something quite standard, traditional and always within budget. This was mainly due to a lack of inspiration, the need for someone to “paint a picture” and help the bride envisage what she could have for her wedding day! It really couldn’t be more different now. In fact, brides these days almost suffer from information overload when it comes to deciding on the finer details of their wedding. This is all very well if you know your own mind and are unwavering when making decisions, but not so great if, like me, when faced with the choice of tea or coffee, you struggle to choose!

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Everyone has an opinion to proffer as to how the perfect wedding should be, but we all have such differing tastes and what is right one bride is the worst nightmare of another. Who hasn’t seen a photograph of a bride in full white dress, complete with veil, bungee jumping, diving or even skiing to their nuptials (see below if you haven’t!) and thought – Why? Well obviously not the people doing it, but as for the rest of us…! OK, these are the extremes, and the extreme sport option is definitely not for the vast majority, but you see what I mean.

Wedding Blogs - Bride and Groom Bungee

Wedding Blogs - Bride & Groom Diving

Wedding Blogs - Bride & Groom Skiing








Here in 2014, help is at hand from so many avenues – there is still the word of mouth option and many, many more magazines to flick through, but now there are other sources of information to get your creative juices flowing – and sitting proudly amongst the relative newcomers is the Wedding Blog! It would seem that everyone wants to blog about this magical event and some, in my opinion, do it better than others! Usually adorned with beautiful, ethereal photographs of the happy couple and a narrative about their special day, these blogs cannot help but inspire the bride-to-be. With ideas for your venue, dress, wedding flowers and so very much more, I have to confess to being slightly addicted to these blogs and the promise of happiness they present. Among my absolute favourites are these beautiful wedding blogs that never fail to deliver on the magic –

Wedding Sparrow
Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

In the unlikely event that you are getting married and haven’t yet discovered the wonder of the wedding blog for yourself, then please give them a try. Whether you are having a small, intimate DIY wedding or a ceremony held in a grand Scottish Castle, you will find ideas within the wedding blog for your big day. In my opinion, blogs are better than most magazines because they feel so much more in touch with the bride. They show weddings in a way that truly grip your imagination. They are written by people who adore everything about weddings, and their passion is obvious. Often quirky, always beautiful, I challenge you to look at a great wedding blog and not be inspired for your future nuptials, or disappointed if you got married before the advent of these fabulous wedding style visionaries!



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