Wedding bouquets

Wedding bouquets – finding the right one for you

Wedding bouquets are considered to be the star of the show in terms of your wedding flowers.  There are several types of bouquet to choose from, and how you decide will depend on your personality and style. However, you also need to take into account the type of wedding dress you will be wearing and your size and build.  For example, a shower bouquet that is quite long and flowing would overwhelm a very petite person.  Here are some of the options for you to consider, and you can also take a look for more examples in our wedding bouquets gallery page, and why not pay a visit to our Wedding Bouquets Pinterest board for some of the best we have found!

Hand-tied bouquet

This is an example of a simple hand-tied bride’s bouquet.  It contains flowers of deep pinks and reds with a smattering of leaves and berries to add interest. The stems have been cut to varying lengths to create this curved shaped. The stems of the blooms are then pulled in tightly together to make them neat. The stems have then been bound with matching ribbon and small pearls have been dotted down the edge to add even more elegance to this beautiful bouquet.

Wedding bouquets like this usually look better using just one, or maybe two, colours of flowers.  The style is simple and best kept as unfussy as possible.  The stems can be tied with ribbon, lace, strings of pearls, in fact pretty much anything that can wrap around tightly and match in with the wedding theme.

Cascading or shower bouquet

This example of a cascading bouquet contains relatively few blooms.  The cascading effect is created by the trailing tendrils of ivy, giving the bride’s bouquet a romantic look.  This can be quite a cost effective choice, due to the relatively low number of expensive flowers required.

If you are going to choose something along these lines, you do need a bit of height to carry it off.  You also need to have a dress that is long and A-line, rather than very full or super slinky, as this style of bouquet is quite fussy and needs a relatively blank canvas to sit against.

Arm bouquets

The arm, or presentation, style bouquet is designed to lay across the bride’s arm, resting in the crook.  This style is a lot less contrived than some of the more formal wedding bouquets, and there is a real elegance in their simplicity.  Long stemmed flowers, like roses, lilies and dahlias are ideal choices for this bouquet style.  The lilies in the example shown are resting on large leaves, framing the flowers and showing them in their full glory.  This is quite a modern wedding flowers style, and is more suited to a dress with clean lines, rather than a full, more elaborate one.  However, the type of flowers chosen will have an impact on this too.

Pomander bouquet

The pomander bouquet is a beautifully simple wedding flower choice. It comprises short stemmed blooms pulled together to form a tight ball. Usually held by a ribbon the bride carries the pomander on her wrist.  It is quite a dainty choice, and a lot less cumbersome than some larger bouquet types. The example shown here has mainly roses of lilac and ivory, but a pomander bouquet looks fantastic with large daisies, gerbera or chrysanthemums of the same colour. As well as a great choice for the bride, pomander bouquets are wonderful for bridesmaids to carry, particularly young bridesmaids, as they require very little effort.

Single Stem bouquet

To keep things unfussy, you could opt for a single stem bouquet.  This could either be a simple white rose, like the one shown in the example, or a vibrant splash of colour, like a red rose or pink gerbera.  Lilies are also stunning flowers for a single stem bouquet.  Arun lilies or stargazer lilies alike look fantastic, although beware, their stamens will stain, so remove them before they go anywhere near your white dress! Either way, a single bloom gives you, the bride, something to hold as you walk down the aisle, taking away the problem of what to do with your hands. You could have the stem of the flower bound in ribbon or lace and add gems to make it more fancy if you wish but, if you choose to leave it undressed, its natural beauty will speak for itself.

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