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Wedding Ideas – Planning Your Wedding Flowers

It sounds obvious but, when making decisions about your wedding flowers, make sure you spend plenty of time thinking through what you like and want in terms of flower types, styles, colours etc. It’s easy to get carried away with all the excitement and rush in. You may think you know exactly what your wedding will look like because you have fantasised about it since you were a young girl! But tastes change and your old ideas may no longer be right for you.

Example of a Mood Board

Take time to look at lots of inspirational photographs of weddings, especially ones at the same time of year you are getting married, and in the same type of venue. If nothing else, it may help you decide what you don’t want on your special day!  Maybe think about creating a mood or inspiration board to display all your ideas for your wedding day. Cutting out images of your favourite styles from magazines, taking photographs of particular flowers you like and maybe finding examples of the colours you are looking for, even if it’s current form is a sweet wrapper or pair of knickers!! That way you will easily be able to build up a picture and see what goes with what.

For the less technical amongst you, you can build up a mood board using a large piece of paper or card and laying out all the physical pictures and cuttings you are considering. If you prefer to plan without paper, there are lots of online tools you can use, like these from or, which you may find useful. It may seem a tricky thing to do at the start, but once you begin you will find ideas flowing and your board will soon build up. You will undoubtedly add and remove ideas along the line, but hopefully you will end up with the perfect palette for your wedding!

If you have no idea where to begin, or would prefer some suggestions, there are some lovely pre-collated mood boards full of fabulous ideas at

The most important thing to do is enjoy yourself…after all, you are planning your big day!

30 April 2013

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