Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance – just in case

You obviously won’t want to anticipate things going wrong on the run up to your big day, and particularly on the day itself, but to give you peace of mind you may want to consider taking out some wedding insurance.

Many insurers offer wedding insurance for an agreed fixed period, which can commence way in advance of the actual day allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding preparations and your wedding day itself.  Premiums range from around £25 right up to £250 depending on the level of cover required.  Bearing in mind your wedding flowers can cost up to 10% of your overall wedding budget, it definitely seems like a good investment of approximately £25.  As well as insuring your wedding flowers, the cover should ensure peace of mind regarding other aspects of your wedding including your cake, rings, wedding attire and photographs, although you would obviously need to check the exact details with your chosen insurer.

You will find that there are exceptions to the insurance, for example if you simply change your mind about getting married or your wedding day is affected by a pre-existing medical condition there will be no insurance payout.

Please note, you must check with your chosen insurer regarding the specific terms and conditions relating to the particular policy you buy.


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